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Rubbish Needs to Vanish from Schools Using Waste Bins


Schools are places meant for learning. With the administration staff, personnel, teachers and students, the school is bustling with energy in the morning and throughout the afternoon but at the end of the day, trash is likely to be found outside the classrooms, school yards and gymnasiums within the jurisdiction of the school.

Even though your school has trash bins set up, still the proper waste management is not strictly implemented. A school plagued with rubbish every after school hours is not a good thing. That’s where outdoor rubbish bins can be effectively put to use.

outdoor rubbish bin

The Waste Numbers within Australian Schools

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 3 million students in 2018 are recorded to be enrolled in 9, 477 schools. Schools, being a place filled with people, they are most likely to bring stuff and create trash within the school.

If the school has a few outdoor rubbish bins, it can combat the trash problem, but if you can imagine how much trash that a 2,000 population of students can create within a day for a whole academic year, you start to see the bigger problem.

If that school has a small number of waste bins available, picture out how many excess waste that doesn’t go to these waste bins. That would most likely be 2-3 times the size of the population — piles and piles of trash. To avoid that, you can select waste bins like indoor or outdoor rubbish bins for the school.

Waste Bins Appropriate For School Use

Bins are here to stay, but trash isn’t. By selecting the best type of bins will impact your school’s waste management program.

  1. Soft plastic bins — One of the reasons why proper waste management is not followed by most people in school is not because of a lack of waste management education but because of the lack of reminder: no signage above waste bins. For example, having a soft plastic waste bin would be better if bought with its soft plastic recycling poster. It is informative and serves as a reminder for students to manage their waste properly.
  1. Outdoor Wheelie Bins — using these type of bin gives you the advantage to use it anywhere because it is portable. A mini wheelie bin is best transporting trash within a small campus building. You can simply drag it around to collect waste from classrooms, hallways and school cafeteria with less effort. Furthermore, large wheelie bins are also available for those who want to bulk a huge pile of trash inside a secure, portable bin.
  1. Outdoor Enclosure Bins — these bins are constructed with stainless steel and clear side panels to complete the modern look of trash bins. These are a perfect upgrade not just for school but also for the office and other public places like parks and food courts. The bins sport a modern look, it gives students and other people in school a new perspective about trash bins — aesthetic and futuristic — not the usual dirty old bin.

Ecobins For The Future

If you want to find the best bins for a school setting and choose between desktop wheelie bins, soft plastic bins and other outdoor bins, you can check out Ecobin for more details.