Great Teaching Opportunities in Cambodia

Great opportunities are hard to come by in many parts of the world after the economic recession that affected the economies of a number of countries. In present times, most people are minus jobs and a little opening in form of any kind of work to earn an income would be welcomed. Well, at the moment, there is this rare chance of teaching in Cambodia. An individual who meets the set criteria can tender in an application any time.

Cambodia is one country that has suffered numerous injustices owing to its past history. At the moment however, it is beginning to blossom, thanks to the intervention of the UN that sponsored the first democratically held elections in 1993. An individual interested in teaching in Cambodia can be part of the new experience that has seen the Asian country gain its recognition in the world map.

At the moment, Cambodia is rebuilding its lost glory and does not want to be left behind by its neighbors. To be part of the modern world, the country is presently in need of experts. An individual with the desire to be part of the teaching in Cambodia advocacy can find out the qualifications to meet before becoming a member. There are several websites with information on how to get to the country legally.

As a matter of fact, Cambodia is just beginning to thrive economically. A few TEFL jobs Cambodia are poorly paying, more so those that are within the rural regions. Others are done on voluntary basis. A teacher willing to make good money can travel to the capital city where the grass is solidly green. However, the jobs are competitive there and one needs a good CV for consideration.

Who Qualifies to Teach in Cambodia?

  • Someone with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education has higher chances of obtaining English teaching jobs in Cambodia than one with a diploma or certificate. For professionals from English speaking countries, a Bachelor’s degree in any field can still get one a chance.
  • Teaching Experience – In case one has not been a teacher, there is the provision to teach first as a volunteer before being employed. With a number of orphanages in Cambodia, a teacher can ask to work there for some months or weeks to gain experience for contractual employment thereafter.
  • A TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate is a requirement even though it is not highly demanded. In case an individual has this, it is easier to obtain high paying teaching jobs.

A number of Cambodians save money to enroll for English courses to blend easily with the outside world. To be of benefit to them, an English teacher has to be knowledgeable. Remember, they are very eager to learn. This does not mean there are others that can be fairly hard to handle as well. All the same, a trained teacher should be in a position to deal with situations like these if they arise.

Cambodians are generally friendly and welcoming more so to attractive looking ladies. This does not mean gents cannot win their favor. Individuals interested in obtaining jobs in Cambodia for english speakers could start updating their CVs today.

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